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What is Pranisheba?

adorsho praniSheba Limited is an AgriTech and InsurTech startup that assists marginal cattle farmers in Bangladesh with IoT-based cattle identification, wellbeing monitoring, insurance, access to finance, crowdfunding, online veterinary services and forward market linkage support.
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Mission Values & Target Customers

  • Mission: Boosting rural Bangladesh's economy through the application of cutting-edge 4IR technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet Of Things (IoT), Machine Learning (ML), etc. in the cattle industry.
  • Values: Inclusive business growth, Responsible business, Informed business solution supported by research and development
  • Target Customers: Marginal cattle farmers, Women entrepreneurs, E-commerce platforms, Cattle insurance company
  • Our Projects

    Our R&D Projects

    Green Business and Employment

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    Strategic Focus

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    praniSheba’s Footprint

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    What we have achieved so far?

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    adorsho praniSheba’s Traction Summary

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    Respected Customers

    We thank all our customers for their appreciation!
    They are really satisfied!
    I am Ramjan. Live in Shahjadpur Upazila of Sirajganj. I have a small farm where I fatten cows and later sell them for profit. As my business capital is low, I took a low interest loan of 2.5 lakhs through adorsho ​​praniSheba and bought cattle with it. Later nurtured them for 4-5 months, and made a good profit by selling it in the last Qurbani Eid 2022 and applied for the loan for the 2nd time after paying off the loan.
    I am Raihan, a farmer by profession. My home is in Nagar Dala of Shahjadpur Upazila. I bought cows with the loan money taken from adorsho ​​praniSheba, and adorsho ​​praniSheba helped to insure those cows. Unfortunately, one of my cows died. The insurance company gave me compensation and it helped me to pay off my debt.
    This is Almas, my home is in Ullapara Upazila of Sirajganj. Besides being a teacher, I also raise cows. But after corona I got into financial trouble. That's when I came to know about the Joutho Khamar project through the super agent of adorsho praniSheba and I took 3 cows from them after rearing them for 4 months and sold them and made a good amount of money.
    I am Ilias Kanchan, home is at Raja Bari of Sreepur Upazila, Gazipur. I am working as a Super Agent of adorsho praniSheba. All farmers of my union are getting all livestock services from this point. This way, I am getting a commission and on the other hand, my regular business has also increased.



    adorsho praniSheba’s Team

    responsive image Dr. Ashiquzzaman
    Phd in Economics
    Harvard University, USA
    responsive image Fida Haq
    MD and CEO
    MS in EEE, METU and
    Bilkent University, Turkey
    Responsive image Dr. Nazrul Islam
    Chief Veterinary Consultant
    DVM, Bangladesh Agricultural
    University Mymensingh
    responsive image Dr. Aolad Hossain
    Regulatory Affairs
    Nagoya University Japan

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


    Indirectly, yes. With this service you will be able to manage your farm more efficiently than before, which will indirectly increase your milk and meat production.



    Indirectly, yes. With this service you will get advance warning of any impending disease, through which you can significantly reduce the rate of disease. Again by following the immunization calendar attached to the service you can ensure the safety of your cattle for longer than at any time in the past.
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