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What is praniSheba?

shurjoMukhi praniSheba is a digital platform using IoT (Internet of Things) and RFID technology in rural areas of the country to determine and record cow species, genetic development, information conservation, reproduction,
dairy management and provision of primary treatment. A cattle insurance policy to safeguard cattle farmers is part and parcel of the platform. Above all, the platform aims to implement the government’s mission and vision for
rural socio-economic development through the use of ICT in livestock extension activities.

How praniSheba Works?

1. Registration of Cattle.

2. Installation of Bolus.

3. Information will transfer from bolus to repeater.

4. Repeater will transfer the data to base station.

5. From base station to praniSheba cloud.

6. Finally the data will show the result through pranisheba app.

Before registering the cattle in the pranisheba system, each & every Information of cattle and farm
is preserved. Bolus ID is also register in register book. The bolus ID is used for the identification of a farm.



Digital record keeping Identify the constant position & movement of cattle

Continuously monitor the body temperature of cattle

Repeat breeding reduction

Heat Detection Continuously monitor the body temperature of cattle

Determine the heat of cattle & inseminating it in the right time

Advance disease notification Early diagnosis of the sickness
Pregnancy & Calving Detection Determine the heat of cattle & inseminating it in the right time

Repeat breeding reduction

Identify the probable time of calving

Calving Detection Repeat breeding reduction
Movements and Temperature Tracking Identify the constant position & movement of cattle

Continuously monitor the body temperature of cattle

Sms alert service 24/7 alert
Insurance for Livestock Deaths and Insurance for Crippled Livestock. Support for the Insurance policy
Water Consumption Alert Increasing milk production

Heat stress reduction

Cattle Insurance

shurjoMukhi praniSheba has partnered up with Phoenix Insurance Ltd, an insurance provider, with a focus on ICT for Development, to protect and insure the asset value of large cattle through praniSheba, the first and only IoT-based cattle wellbeing monitoring and insurance platform in Bangladesh. Cattle insurance protects people from the financial loss incurred due to the unexpected death of their cattle. Your animals are considered your personal property. With cattle insurance, farmers will get comprehensive protection against the cattle loss. In case of Death and theft, the farmer will be covered 90% of the value of the cattle (up to BDT 1,00,000) within 15 days of claim submission.

The App Features

The shurjoMukhi Pranisheba Application enables you to keep track of your cattle – even when you’re on the move. With the automatic alerts you’ll stay updated and can take targeted action whenever a cow needs your attention.

Download Pranisheba App from Google play store for free of cost.The Link is given below.

Registering a cattle

Registering a cattle

This is the first step where you register your cattle in the praniSheba app.

Insemination Information

Insemination Information

You can keep the insemination record via this section.

Milk Production

Milk Production

You can find all the information about milk production and calves here.

Income & Expense

Income & Expense

Here the farm owners can manage their cash by keeping record of their income & expenses.



The basic bolus is a section where you can search cattle information by bolus number.

Detail report

Detail report

In these section, you will get a detail report of every section of your cattle information.


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Explore praniSheba

Download praniSheba App from google play & try it as a guest user
For any query please contact or Call 01847469945


Happy Clients

We thank all our awesome clients for their testimonials! They are really happy customers!


No, it is scientifically proven to be totally safe for cattle health.

Yes indirectly. The service helps you manage your farm much more efficiently than before resulting in indirect increase in milk and meat production.

Yes, indirectly. You will get early information about any befalling sickness from the service helping you reduce disease prevalence significantly. Also, using the Vaccination Calendar that is built into the service, you can further ensure prolonged good health for your cattle than before.

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