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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

No. However, telemedicine services will be provided for the cattle covered by the insurance service at a discount of 20% through another platform of adorsho praniSheba, "praniSheba VET". To take telemedicine services, visit: praniSheba VET


Of course not. This Bolus technology has been tested and recognized by reputed organizations like FDA, FCC and DLG. So there is nothing to worry about.

Indirectly, yes. With this service you will be able to manage your farm more efficiently than ever before, which will indirectly increase your milk and meat production.

Indirectly, yes. With this service you will get advance warning of any impending disease, through which you can significantly reduce the rate of disease. Again by following the immunization calendar attached to the service you can ensure the safety of your cattle for longer than at any time in the past.

Because it will greatly increase the value of your cattle's latent resources. In addition, you can significantly increase the productivity of your farm with the advance information on the various health services of adorsho praniSheba such as accurate diagnosis of diseases, heat detection and calving period. Above all, you should take this service for extra financial security and production on your farm.

No, but we'll let you know when your cattle move out of the base station area.

It is advisable to use a smartphone to get the all the benefits of praniSheba. However, if someone does not have a smartphone, he can get this facility, but he will not get all the updated information about his farm.

You can determine the exact time of heatting and seeding of cattle, get advance information about calves, get advance information on diseases, get vaccinated at the right time by following the vaccination calendar, keep all the information related to the health and development of cattle on record, know the constant location of cattle, You can know the constant body temperature, and you can get water intake records for cattle.

Yes, you can get an answer to your service query by calling 09643207003.

Smart Package: BDT 1,500 as one time installation cost, and BDT 600 per month for cattle registration and maintenance on digital platform and up to BDT 1 lakh annual insurance charge is free for cattle.
Easy Package: BDT 500 as installation cost, and BDT 100 per month per cattle.
Annual insurance premium: 3% in risk of death, 1% of overall permanent loss.

Yes. Insured cattle need to be identified and registered in the cattle system. Start-up costs vary by package:
Package 1 (Smart Package), BDT 1500
Package 2 (Easy Package), BDT 500

No, there is no cost to get this service other than installation and monthly cost.

Yes, the cattle service is approved by the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BRTC), the Department of Livestock Services (DLS) and the Insurance Development & Regulatory Authority Bangladesh (IDRA).

Veterinary services do not provide any medical services. So this cost depends on who you seek medical help from.

You can seek treatment for a sick cattle directly from a registered veterinarian through a praniSheba Vet Platform. Please visit: praniSheba Vet

To avail the Smart Package one requires a minimum number of 20 cattle. There is no minimum limit for Easy Packages.

Cattle should be kept under cattle service for at least 2 years. After that, if the cattle are sold without informing praniSheba, it will no longer be under the praniSheba. Based on the presence of a cattle network in the new location of the cattle, the new owner of the animal can keep the service running if he wants.

Cattle must be 1.5 years of age or older to be covered by the Bolas Identification System. For calves 1.5 years or less and the possibility of insurance coverage can be verified through face detection.

Cattle should be kept under praniSheba for at least 2 years. Annual insurance premium is non-refundable.

The minimum duration of the insurance is 3 months and the maximum duration is 6 years.

You can contact your local adorsho praniSheba representative. Or you can contact 09643207003.

In case of death of the insured cattle, you will get the compensation money within 15 days of submitting the autopsy report and the police investigation report along with the theft certificate.

You can insure buffaloes, but small cattles like goats and sheep are not insured.

Yes. In that case we provide insurance for 3 months, 6 months and 1 year.

You can get insurance coverage up to a maximum of BDT 2.5 lakh for each cattle, in that case for death, permanent total disability & theft respectively 3% & 2.25% and in total annual premium of 5.25% has to be paid on the price of cattle.

If the insured cattle dies or is stolen, the beneficiary can claim compensation through a locally registered veterinarian.

The service is available through adorsho praniSheba. For details call 09643207003.
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